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A beautiful, serene MEMPHIS chaise longue in solid wood covered in ABET plastic laminate, hand-milled metal wheels & handle at its head for gripping & pulling to & fro. Upholstered in dark gray & cobalt blue Alcantara (Ultrasuede). One of the final mature objects that Aldo Cibic designed for MEMPHIS srl (he was one of the inceptors of the movement), there exists only a very small handful of "Juan" settees in existence (3-4 units only --- VERY VERY RARE!). Incredibly comfortable to lay upon, you can imagine having a vast array of PostModern dreams whilst slumbering there!!

Marco Zanini "Juan" Settee for MEMPHIS srl

  • Height: 29 in. (73.66 cm)

    Width: 31 in. (78.74 cm)

    Depth: 64 in. (162.56 cm)

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