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Designed by Ettore Sottsass himself after his iconic full-scale object, the Carlton cabinet. Perfect reproduction of the Carlton bookcase.


The vivid colors and seemingly random interplay of solids and voids suggest AvantGarde painting and sculpture.


Limited edition of 1000 pcs.


Numbered and stamped on the bottom of the base. Comes in a stunning decorator box, with the exact edition # on the bottom. Edition # is also stamped & signed "Sottsass" on the toy's bottom.


It was Ettore's earnest desire that both young collectors & perhaps children would finally be able to afford a Memphis Classic, if only from a Lilliputian point of view!!


That said, anyone own a PostModern Dollhouse??

Carlton Miniature / 1:4 Scale by Ettore Sottsass

  • Height: 19.7 in. (50.04 cm)
    Width: 19.1 in. (48.52 cm)
    Depth: 3.25 in. (8.26 cm)

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