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Probably the rarest most important work of 20th century art furniture ever created!! In particular, an absolute tour-de-force by Michael Graves the greatest Postmodernist Architect of the 20th century!


In terms of form and composition, one could liken it to many of Graves' buildings (Humana Tower, Louisville; Portland Municipal Building, Portland, Oregon; Government of the Netherlands Congress Bldg; etc.



The Plaza vanity and stool is a true Museum-piece with pivoting brass-rimmed silvered mirror, hand-matched bird's-eye maple, lacquered wood (in his archetypal color palette of grayish-teal), mirrored "Busby Berkley-ish perfume shelves, brass and elegant light blue-gray velvet upholstery. Only approx. 30 units ever made. Will be sold will original provenance sheets.


The Plaza vanity is in the decorative and design collections of several distinguished museums, Lacma, Los Angeles; Detroit Institute of Arts; Pompidou Museum, Paris; etc. This particular work of art is completely unused, in pristine condition, still in its original crate. Perfect!! An absolute heirloom piece of handmade, glorious furniture, from an era never to be repeated and yet always otherworldly in presence!!


Plaza Vanity by Michael Graves

  • Height: 95.5 in. (242.57 cm)

    Width: 55.5 in. (140.97 cm)

    Depth: 22 in. (55.88 cm)

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