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Tawayara boxing ring seating unit by Masanori Umeda (Japan) for Memphis srl (1981).


The Tawaraya boxing ring bed/seating area was the brainchild of Masanori Umeda -- a testament to his remembrances of the lack of space often afforded city dwellers from his native Japan.


A monochrome striped base with multicolored “bungee-like ropes” and flexible light fixtures at each of the four corners of the ring, this otherworldly object is an absolute declaration of love for color, reclaimed Japanese traditionalism (the Tatami matte flooring; tie-dyed cushions; lacquered serving tray) whilst creating its own perception of room architecture.


Very rare (only 30 ever produced), a similar work was once a most-heralded piecer of furniture in couturier Karl Lagerfeld's famed Monico apartment. Imagine the conversations that took place within it!


One of the greatest design icons of the 20th century emblematic of Memphis as the "new International Style" of the 1980s!

Tawayara 'Boxing Ring' Seating Unit by Masanori Umeda

  • Height: 67 in (170.18 cm)

    Width: 110 in (279.4 cm)

    Depth: 110 in (279.4 cm)

    Seat Height: 16 in (40.64 cm)

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