This "Traccia" table is an original Ultramobile collection (SIMON) edition reproduction of original 1939 Surrealist model with impressed bird prints on its top surface. Dino Gavina (famed Italian Postwar furniture entrepreneur and owner of Simon International) worked directly with the surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim to create a small production version of her otherworldly object. The elliptical top with its shaped edge has the footprints of a fantasy bird on it, which also inspired the cast bronze feet. The upper part of the tabletop is in fine gold leaf, the underside is painted with gold colored paint. Very dreamlike in nature.

Traccia Table, 1939-1978 by Meret Oppenheim

  • Height: 26 in. (66.04 cm)

    Width: 27 in. (68.58 cm)

    Depth: 21 in. (53.34 cm)